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For five decades, Jim Feist, a professional bettor, handicapper and businessman has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim was ahead of the curve with National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services, Sports Tracker, former publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation and hosting/producing “Pro Line”,the longest running sports handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the web.

Jim has served as a professional consultant to the New York State Lottery and appeared on television programs ranging from ESPN’s “Inside Football” and “Sports Center” to CNN’s esteemed “Crossfire.” He has won numerous handicapping contests, including the Stardust Championship “Winner Takes All” football competition and twice won first place in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Handicapping Contest. In the 2005 World Series of Poker he finished 426 out of 5,600 participants and finished second in the 2010 basketball handicapping contest.

His other endeavors include building multi-million dollar businesses in the communication arena as well as building successful websites, weekly radio interviews and articles published around the globe. Never one to stand idle, Jim has been able to tap the latest in technology in an effort to provide clients with the best possible tools and information to succeed in the challenging world of eleven-to-ten.

In the handicapping and betting world you must be focused and diligent in your approach and conservative in your money management. Mental toughness and discipline, especially when things are not going your way, are paramount. Those are qualities that have set Jim apart. Picking winners is just one phase of a successful gaming approach. You need to have it all to not only win but hold on to your winnings over the long haul. Success is in the details and Jim Feist measures success not by the sports season, but by the decade.
1 Pick nba Daily Picks, Friday February 23

By Jim Feist
Posted 02/23/2018 at 03:44 PM

As spring arrives that means that the baseball season isn’t far off. The men of summer will start their preseason soon and that means it’s time to take a look at betting opportunities in total wins for the season. Today I’ll take a look at some of those plays and which totals I will be betting.

First, here are the current total wins posted for each team.

American League East
New York Yankees 93.5
Boston Red Sox 91.5
Toronto Blue Jays 81.5
Baltimore Orioles 77.5
Tampa Bay Rays 76.5

American League Central
Cleveland Indians 93.5
Minnesota Twins 82.5
Kansas City Royals 76.5
Chicago White Sox 68.5
Detroit Tigers 68.5

American League West
Houston Astros 96.5
Los Angeles Angels 84.5
Seattle Mariners 81.5
Texas Rangers 78.5
Oakland Athletics 74.5

National League East
Washington Nationals 91.5
New York Mets 80.5
Philadelphia Phillies 74.5
Atlanta Braves 73.5
Miami Marlins 64.5

National League Central
Chicago Cubs 93.5
St. Louis Cardinals 84.5
Milwaukee Brewers 81.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 76.5
Cincinnati Reds 71.5

National League West
Los Angeles Dodgers 95.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 86.5
Colorado Rockies 82.5
San Francisco Giants 81.5
San Diego Padres 69.5

Here are the plays I have made so far.

Detroit Tigers: Take UNDER 68.5 wins. The Tigers are in a rebuilding year. They won 64 games last season and I don’t see them nearly as good this year. I’m playing the UNDER.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Take UNDER 76.5. The loss of quality players like Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen means dumping big salaries for younger prospects. This will take time to develop and I don’t see them eclipsing this total. I’m playing the UNDER.

Milwaukee Brewers: Take OVER 81.5 games. The Brew Crew will be looking to take a bite out of their rivals, the Chicago Cubs. They have added some new pieces to this team and will be looking for more in the free agent market. I’m playing the OVER.

Washington Nationals: Take OVER 91.5 games. I don’t see any decline in this team from their 97 wins last year. The bullpen was the only reason this team didn’t make 100 wins in 2017. I look for them to add a free agent arm to that bullpen and boost their one weak spot. I’m playing the OVER.

And, if you are looking for some World Series action, here are the current odds to win the 2018 World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers +500
New York Yankees +550
Houston Astros +550
Chicago Cubs +750
Washington Nationals +800
Cleveland Indians +850
Boston Red Sox +1200
San Francisco Giants +2000
St. Louis Cardinals +2000
Arizona Diamondbacks +2500
Los Angeles Angels +2800
New York Mets +2800
Milwaukee Brewers +3300
Minnesota Twins +4000
Seattle Mariners +4000
Toronto Blue Jays +4000
Colorado Rockies +4000
Tampa Bay Rays +10000
Texas Rangers +10000
Baltimore Orioles +10000
Pittsburgh Pirates +10000
Philadelphia Phillies +10000
Chicago White Sox +15000
Atlanta Braves +15000
Kansas City Royals +15000
Oakland Athletics +15000
San Diego Padres +15000
Cincinnati Reds +20000
Detroit Tigers +30000
Miami Marlins +50000



By Jim Feist
Posted 02/14/2018 at 06:53 PM

This week we’ll take a look at my next eight teams in order in the NFL for their 2018 rankings.

9. Packers: Let’s first have a look at what the Pack has to contend with in their division. The Lions, Vikings and Bears. The only one of that group, in my opinion, that is a legitimate challenge, would be the Vikings. Not to belittle the Lions but they have not shown in many years the ability to step up their game. The Bears are a work in progress. In addition, the Bears and Lions bring in two new head coaches. As is the case with any new head coach, they need to find their way, so to speak. As long as the Pack has Aaron Rodgers, they will return as the favorite to not only win the NFC North but as a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl. However, let’s not forget that Mike Pettine could be the real boon in the staff shake-up for the defense.

10. Raiders: The soon to be Las Vegas Raiders, were not nearly as good as advertised last season. They will begin 2018 with a new head coach in Jon Gruden and a solid QB in Derek Carr which makes their future look bright. The Silver & Black aren't waiting for their Vegas move to put on a show. Gruden's return raises both the team's profile and expectations. Though many will focus on how he handles Carr after last year's struggles, the defense also needs to become more than the Khalil Mack solo act. The AFC West is a perplexing division. The Broncos have the defense but otherwise John Elway totally mismanaged them. The Chiefs have an untried quarterback in Pat Mahomes. There has to be growing pains on those teams which opens up even more for the Raiders.


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