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Bill Marzano - About Me

Bill is his name, and gambling is his game. In particular, baseball is the game of choice for Billy Marzano from Seminole, Florida.

Bill grew up engulfed in spring training baseball in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Ask him the lineup of any team in the big leagues during the 1980s, and he'll rattle it off like he's reciting the pitching matchups for tomorrow's MLB slate.

When it comes to baseball, no handicapper in America will outwork Marzano. His summer days consist of sports pages, box scores, pitching matchups and umpires. Most of all, his days are spent watching games and picking apart the players who are playing well and/or slumping.

Bill isn't a stats dork who crunches numbers all day. He's familiar with the personnel and knows the ins and outs of the game. Most importantly, he was a player himself before shoulder woes ended his playing career.

As a former player, Marzano knows when a pitcher has a tired arm, and he knows when a hitter has no chance against a hot hurler. To Bill, it's all about matchups, tendencies and production.

Bill spent the late 1990s living in Las Vegas and slamming the books. But now he's back in the Sunshine State, where he often visits spring training camps in preparation for the upcoming baseball campaign.

Marzano began handicapping for VI in 2004, finishing second in money during the '04-'05 NBA season with a tally of plus 3,490. His "dime clients" netted a payoff of $34,900 for the year despite a slump in the playoffs.

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2016 MLB #3 Member Leader: +1,455
2015 MLB #2 Totals Leader: +560
2014-2015 NHL #3 Totals Leader: +576
21-3 NBA Run: 12/31/14 - 1/13/15
2013-2014 NHL #2 Totals Leader: +603
2013-2014 NHL #3 Guaranteed Leader: +603
2013-2014 NHL #3 Member Leader: +989
2013-2014 NCAA BK #2 Money Leader: +2,405
2013-2014 NHL Money Leader: +970
2012-2013 NCAA BK #3 Guaranteed Leader: +903
2012-2013 NCAA BK #2 Totals Leader: +1,453
2012 #2 MLB Money Leader: +2,834
2012 MLB Favorites Leader: +2,357
2011 MLB #3 Favorites Leader: +2,315
2010-2011 NHL #3 Member Leader: +781
2010-2011 NBA #2 Member Leader: +851
2010 MLB #3 Money Leader: +3,007
2010 MLB #2 Favorites Leader: +1,812
2010 MLB #3 Member Leader: +1,495
2009 MLB #2 Underdog Leader: +2,065
2009 MLB #2 Member Leader: +2,276
2005-2006 NBA Money Leader: +2,165
2004-2005 NBA Money Leader: +3,490

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