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Daily Picks
Antony Dinero 3 Plays
ASA 1 Play
Bill Marzano 2 Plays
Bruce Marshall 1 Play
Jimmy Boyd 2 Plays
Joe Nelson 1 Play
Joe Williams 2 Plays
Kevin Rogers 1 Play
Marc Lawrence 1 Play
Michael Black 1 Play
Pat Hawkins 1 Play
Scott Pritchard 1 Play
Antony Dinero 1 Play
ASA 1 Play
Bill Marzano 1 Play
Bruce Marshall 1 Play
Joe Nelson 1 Play
Joe Williams 1 Play
Kevin Rogers 1 Play
Marc Lawrence 1 Play
Pat Hawkins 1 Play
Scott Pritchard 1 Play
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NCAA FB College Football Expert Sports Picks - Washington Huskies at Southern California Trojans
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Marc Lawrence is one of the top experts in the industry across multiple sports. Marc is 20-5 L25 picks & 10-3 L13 NFL guarantees. Marc also had a 5-0 CFB record Saturday and is 20-8 TY.
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College Football Expert, Scott Pritchard, has an impressive 9-1 record last 10 picks and is 6-1 L7 guarantees. Scott has also won 3 of 4 NFL selections.
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NFL Money Leader, Antony Dinero, is red hot on the gridiron posting an impressive 21-6 record L2 Sundays and has overall net profits of +1,270 this season.
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NFL Expert, Vince Akins, is crushing books in both college and pro football going 7-1 both Saturday and Sunday. Vince is also +1,305 MLB this year.
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Baseball Oct. 08, 7:37 PM  
Team Record  
903 Houston Astros 86-76  
904 Kansas City Royals 95-67  
NCAA Football Oct. 08, 8:00 PM  
Team Record  
303 Southern Methodist 1-4  
304 Houston 4-0  
Football Oct. 08, 8:25 PM  
Team Record  
301 Indianapolis Colts 2-2  
302 Houston Texans 1-3  
NCAA Football Oct. 08, 9:00 PM  
Team Record  
305 Washington 2-2  
306 Southern Cal 3-1  
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Date: Thursday, 10/8/15
Capper: Joe Williams
Matchup: SMU at Houston
Time: 8:00pm

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NCAAFB Hot Streaks
5-0 Saturday, 8-2 G-Plays, 20-8 TY
9-1 Win Streak, 6-1 L7 G-Plays
7-0 Guarantees, 12-5 Picks TY
8-3 Saturday, 5-0 L5 G-Plays
Perfect 5-0 Guarantees TY
4-0 Guarantees, 18-9 L27 Picks
7-1 Record Saturday
7-4 L11 G-Plays, 23-13 L36 Picks
5-1 Record Last Saturday
38-21 Last 4 Saturdays
6-2 NCAA FB Week 5 Record
7-3 Week 5, 8-2 Over/Unders TY
5-2 Last 2 Saturdays
7-1 CFB Picks Saturday
5-0 Thursday Record TY
7-1 Week 5 Record, 6-1 Fridays TY
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